Monday, August 26, 2019

Supplier says Midway water tastes different because it switched sources, and maybe for seasonal reasons

Midway's water has tasted differently lately because Kentucky American Water switched sources, and perhaps due to seasonal factors, Mayor Grayson Vandegrift said in an email today.

"In response to some residents questions about an 'earthy' taste and odor in our water in the last week, Kentucky American Water has advised us that the water is safe to drink, but two issues are causing the difference in taste and smell," Vandegrift writes. "One reason relates to a source change last week when the Owenton plant went down and KAW began pumping to us from a different reservoir. That source apparently is known to have a different taste, but the water is still safe to drink."

Also, KAW told the city in an email, “Changing weather conditions can lead to earthy or musty tastes and odors. This occurs seasonally, typically during the warmer weather from spring thru fall. The perception of tastes or odors in water varies widely between individuals. Some customers are more sensitive and may perceive minor differences in the water. The water remains safe to consume and continues to meet all water quality standards. When variations in our source water occur, we adjust our treatment processes accordingly.”

Vandegrift added, "If you have any questions please feel free to holler as usual."

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