Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How many miles to Midway? Now folks on US 421 know

Department of Highways worker Josh Shannon puts on a truck a sign that he and colleague Josh Jesse replaced at the eastern edge of Frankfort on US 421 (Leestown Road) this morning. The new sign appears to be the first non-interstate mileage sign for Midway in many decades. In an email, Mayor Grayson Vandegrift gave the credit to City Council Member Bruce Southworth: "Bruce badgered District 5 until they gave in." Highway District 5, based in Louisville, includes Franklin County.

Andrea Clifford of District 5 told the Midway Messenger in an email, "Our traffic section received a call from a man named Bruce with the City of Midway asking why Midway would not be a destination. One of our engineers who handles signs reached out to the Division of Traffic in central office to verify what counts as a destination city for these types of signs. The direction given is that if a city has a post office, train station, city hall, etc. it could qualify as a destination city, which Midway has all three. We do not know why it had never been included in the past, but there was no reason it could not be added. So a work order was written to create and install the sign."

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Unknown said...

Midway is THE destination! Thanks to Bruce for getting the highway department to realize it.