Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Midway University, in second year with male undergraduates, reports significant gains in enrollment

By Sarah Landers
University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Media
               Midway University says it has a record-breaking graduate-student enrollment of 215 for the fall semester, as well as its highest traditional undergraduate enrollment “in recent history,” with 482 students at the school that admitted male undergrads for the first time last year..
               Midway’s graduate enrollment has increased 12 percent over the last year, including students pursuing Master of Business Administration, Master of Education and Master of Science in Nursing degrees, the university said in a news release.
               Enrollment Management Vice President Kelly Gosnell said undergraduate programs at Midway supplement the graduate programs.
               “In addition to our own graduates, other students are also drawn to our programs because they are fully online, affordable and can be completed on an accelerated schedule,” Gosnell said in the release.
               The undergraduate enrollment is up from 432 last fall, the first semester that undergraduate education was co-educational. With 204 incoming freshmen, the university said it has reached a total student body of 1,217. 
               The undergraduate population is now 32 percent male, a 10 percent increase since last fall. Athletics involvement also rose 30 percent, now reaching a total of 340 Midway students.
Midway University President John P. Marsden attributes the increase to a new plan for the institution.
               “Our staff has worked hard this year getting the word out about the university to students, particularly men, who were not a part of our recruitment strategy a little more than a year ago,” Marsden said in the release.
               “To say the old plan is outdated is an understatement,” he said. “It’s time to reassess where we are and plan for our future as a fully co-educational institution.”

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