Monday, April 17, 2017

Proposed 2017-18 city budget has big increase in payroll-tax collections, more appropriations for park

Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift's proposed city budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 shows a big increase in payroll taxes, mainly reflecting increased and anticipated employment in Midway Station, and increased expenses for parks and recreation.

The proposed budget includes $500,000 in occupational taxes. The current year's budget anticipated $400,000, but that estimate was low; through December, $331,000 had been collected. Vandegrift said last month that the council had been conservative in its budgeting, construction work on plants in Midway Station was bringing in unexpected revenue, local restaurants were doing better, and Midway University had increased its payroll.

Under the mayor's proposal, the main beneficiary of the extra money would be Walter Bradley Park. It would get $17,000 for improvements, up from $10,000 this year, plus $8,000 to replace the roof of the park's pavilion. Another $20,000 would be allocated for a softball field.

The budget would raise street maintenance expenses to $38,000 from the current $33,000, but would provide much less than this year for paving: $32,000. This year's paving budget is $80,000, reflecting the repaving of Northside Drive last fall.

Similarly, $10,000 would be allocated for sidewalks, down from $27,000 in the current budget, which includes the city's first subsidies to property owners to repair dangerous sidewalks.

Vandegrift's budget includes $12,546 for the city's contribution to the Woodford County Economic Development Authority, up from $5,000, as agreed with EDA, Versailles and the county government earlier this year.

The council is to discuss the budget at a workshop meeting at 10 a.m. Wednesday at City Hall. All council and committee meetings are open to the public.

Vandegrift distributed his budget proposal to the City Council at its meeting Monday evening. A story on the meeting will appear later. For a copy of the budget click here.

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