Wednesday, July 1, 2015

As of today, it's Midway University

Today it's Midway University, not Midway College. "The first of many transformations took place quietly yesterday as the new Midway University sign was installed at the main entrance of the campus," the institution said in a press release.

The university said it will be rolling out a "new branding effort, including new signage on campus and in downtown Midway, new advertising and promotional materials, and a new website, expected to go live in August."

Dr. John P. Marsden, president of the school, said in the release, "The transition to university status exemplifies a renewed dedication to our mission and a rebranding of our institution for future students."

Vice President of Marketing & Communications Ellen D. Gregory said, "I want to commend everyone at Midway who has played a role in not only the logistics of our name change from the paperwork and notifications to our licensing and accrediting agencies but the many staff, faculty and students who gave us input over the last year during our branding efforts. Although we are now Midway University there is in fact much more work to do with launching our new website and changing all of our advertising later this summer and fall."

The school's trustees began the name-change process in November 2014, implementing the vision statement of the university's three year strategic plan launched that year. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, an accrediting body, approved the change effective today.

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