Thursday, December 13, 2012

Planning Commission votes 8-1 for latest version of 'tourist destination' amendment to zoning ordinance

The Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission voted 8-1 tonight to recommend that the cities and county amend the countywide zoning ordinance to provide for "tourist destinations," a move sought by the CastlePost east of Versailles but opposed by those who said it would destroy the integrity of the county's agricultural zone.

Jim Boggs was the only commissioner to vote against the latest version of the amendment, which added some definitions and limitations to the original. Some who had opposed the first version said at tonight's public hearing that it resolved their issues, but more, including Libby Jones of Midway, said the changes didn't go far enough and the proposal needed more work.

The proposed amendment now goes to the city councils and Fiscal Court for action. Midway Mayor Tom Bozarth said in a telephone interview that he had expressed some concerns about the proposal to some commissioners, but he expected the City Council to "go along" with it, as it does with most proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance.

A more detailed story on the meeting appears above.

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