Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Midway can be more than just the town of 1,620

Where is Midway, Ky.? A complete answer to that question should also answer another form of the question: What is Midway?
Why? Because Midway can be more than just the land and people in the city limits. About 2,500 people have Midway addresses because they live in the ZIP code that includes the city, 40347. For example, former Gov. Brereton Jones is often referred to as "a Midway horse breeder," though his home is closer to Franklin County than to the Midway city limits. A HometownLocator.com map of the postal zone appears below. It includes small parts of eastern Franklin County and southern Scott County.
The Census Bureau has a slightly different "definition" of Midway, limited to the boundaries of Woodford County. It is smaller than the ZIP code area, but includes a section east of Pisgah Pike and north of Old Frankfort Pike that is not in the postal zone. Here is the Midway census tract:

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Anonymous said...

I would add that Midway is also defined by its political activists. In many Council meetings, we will have folks attend who are not residents of Midway proper, but who have some vested interest in the place.

Of course, being at the crossroads of I-75 and I-64, we also have our itinerant "residents," who stop by on their way to or from North, South, East or West. Many state that Midway is a special place, and several have gone so far as to relocate or retire here.