Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Voters in Midway go for Clinton, Gray and Kemper

City voters formed a line Tuesday afternoon at Northside. The poll for the smaller county precinct, at right, had less traffic. 

Trump precincts in red
The Midway city precinct was one of only three in Woodford County that Hillary Clinton carried in the presidential election. Clinton got 421 votes to 338 for Trump, with 28 voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson, 14 for independent Evan McMullin and 7 for Jill Stein of the Green Party.

In the rural Midway precinct, which extends to the city limits of Versailles, it was Trump 345, Clinton 225, Johnson 20, McMullin 10 and Stein 4. In addition to the Midway city precinct, Clinton carried two Versailles precincts, B103 and C102.

Countywide, the results were Trump 7,697, for 57 percent; Clinton 4,958, for 37 percent; Johnson 529, McMullin 246, Stein 217 and Rocky de la Fuente 13. Statewide, Trump got 62.54 percent of the vote; Clinton won 32.69 percent.

Paul precincts in red
The U.S. Senate race was closer, and much closer in Woodford County, as Republican Sen. Rand Paul edged out Lexington Mayor Jim Gray by 0.6 percent of the vote, 6,838 to 6,759.

Gray carried both Midway precincts, taking the city 489-316 and the rural precinct 309-303. Statewide, Paul won by about 14 percentage points.

The city precinct was the only one in the county won by the Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper, the Democratic nominee for Congress in the 6th Congressional District against Republican Rep. Andy Barr. The vote was 407 to 390. Barr carried the county 8,650 to 4,873 and easily won re-election. Both are from Lexington, but Kemper pastors the New Union Christian Church at the eastern tip of greater Midway, in the county precinct.

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