Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Council committee endorses idea of moving Weisenberger Mill bridge to city park

This story has been updated since the committee meeting.

Walter Bradley Park has a new bridge. It might also be getting an old one.

The Cemetery and City Property Committee of the Midway City Council agreed Wednesday afternoon that the city should apply to the state to get the Weisenberger Mill bridge when the bridge is replaced next year. The state is seeking proposals for moving the one-lane bridge, built in 1935.

Weisenberger Mill bridge (Commonwealth of Kentucky photo)
If moved to Midway, the bridge would not span any stream. Its proposed location is a marshy area in the park, next to Newton Street. The park has a new pedestrian bridge farther downstream on Lee Branch, in the formerly overgrown wooded area.

"I think we owe it to our citizens to keep it here, because it means so much to Midway residents," Mayor Grayson Vandegrift told the committee. He said the state would bring the bridge to the site, but in pieces, and the city would have to pay for reconstructing it.

"What we really want are the trusses," said prospective park manager John Holloway. "The rest of it is just two concrete pads for it to fit on. . . . I would make it as close to the ground as practical." Holloway's park plan calls for two trees at the site, but he said that could be changed.

Committee chair Sara Hicks mentioned other possible locations, but Council Member Libby Warfield said, "I can't see any place that would accommodate it as easily" as the park. Council Member Steven Craig said, "I think it's going to look great in the park and I'm actually excited about getting it there."

The council is expected to discuss the idea. Vandegrift said the state wants proposals by Nov. 10. He said the city has spent about $6,000 of the $10,000 park budget on the pedestrian bridge, but also has more than $3,000 in extra money that has been donated for park improvements.

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