Friday, September 25, 2015

Story hours bring preschoolers to Midway library

Librarian Cindy Alvarado-Yeary reads “Five Little Monkeys” in the community room.

Story and photos by Nick Roush
University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Telecommunications

The community room at the Midway Branch of the Woodford County Library was filled Friday, Sept. 18, for Preschool Story Hour.  Librarian Cindy Alvarado-Yeary read “Five Little Monkeys” to five children and their families, but they did much more than read during the hour.

The children had snacks, which they shared with the puppets Alvarado-Yeary brought to entertain.  As she read the book, right, the children followed along, screaming when called upon: “NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!”  The best word to describe their interaction? Cute.
Once the story was over, the fun had just begun.  The children joined Alvarado-Yeary to play with a parachute, throwing five fuzzy balls on top to represent five little monkeys jumping on the bed.

Left: The children got their turn to watch the monkeys jump on the bed, by throwing fuzzy balls on top of the colorful parachute.

After plenty of smiles and giggles, they moved on to arts and crafts. Their parents helped them create their own monkey puppet out of a paper bag.

Alvarado-Yeary shows Emory and Wyatt’s mothers how to do a paper-bag monkey puppet.

Some of the children, like 15-month old Eva, left, were too preoccupied for puppet-making, sticking strictly to coloring. It was her first trip to story-telling hour, and she paid close attention as the story was read.

The library’s Preschool Story Hour is not regularly scheduled, but Alvarado-Yeary says they try to have it at least two Fridays a month. It’s a great chance for kids like Eva -- who only has brothers, who are many years older -- to interact with kids their own age.

The library has activities for kids of all ages, with after school programs for elementary school students and a Sunday program for teens.

Parents gathered around the table to help their children with arts and crafts. 

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