Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Judge-Executive Coyle loses Midway but wins; Gormley loses family court bench; other judges win; so does Kay

An earlier version of this story contained incomplete results.

Republican Bobby Gaffney carried the rural Midway precinct but lost to Democratic incumbent John Coyle in the race for Woodford County judge-executive.

Gaffney carried the county precinct (which stretches south to Versailles) 234 to 221 while Coyle carried the city precinct 391 to 290.

Gaffney carried four other precincts: High School County, 338-332; Huntertown Church, 342-288; Huntertown School, 257-217; and Southside School, 257-235. The candidates tied in Hillsboro Church with 219. Countywide, Coyle got 5,554 votes, or 54 percent of the total, to Gaffney's 4,735.

KAY WINS: In a race that stretched into Fayette and Franklin counties, Democratic state Rep. James Kay won his first full term in the state House by defeating a fellow Versailles resident, Republican Ryan Schwartz. He carried the city precinct 484 to 209 and the county precinct 266 to 193.

Kay won 59.8 percent of the vote in the 56th District, getting 9,668 votes to 6,498 for Schwartz. He carried Woodford County 6,160 to 4,111, the Fayette County precincts 1,682 to 1,162 and the Franklin County precincts 1,826 to 1,225.

GORMLEY LOSES: Family Court Judge Tamra Gormley of Versailles was defeated by Lisa Hart Morgan of Georgetown in a district that also includes Bourbon County. The vote was 15,606 to 11,778. Morgan won Scott County 8,431 to 5,012 and Bourbon County 3,108 to 2,213. Gormley won Woodford 4,553 to 4,067, the Midway city precinct 292-255 and the county precinct 180-164.

Circuit Judge Paul Isaacs easily won re-election over fellow Georgetown resident Ethyle Noel, 17,617 to 6,807. He carried the city precinct 346-140 and the county precinct 209-86. The other circuit judge, Rob Johnson, was not opposed for another eight-year term.

District Judge Vanessa Mullins Dickson racked up round numbers in defeating challenger Chad Wells in all three counties. the district-wide vote was 15,000 to 9,473; she carried the city precinct 300-188 and the county precinct 205-106. The other district judge, Mary Jane Wilhoit Phelps, was unopposed. Judicial races are non-partisan.


Alice Linsley said...

Sorry that Bobby Gaffney lost. That is a loss for Woodford County.

Mike Ashton said...

The "good old boy" network continues with the reelection of “Bear” Coyle.
Great news about Mary Ann Gill I'm sure she will continue the legacy that Bruce was committed to.