Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Midway College expands ties with Panama; course to send equine students there for part of spring semester

Midway College has another connection with Panama. Eight Midway College juniors will have the opportunity to spend part of the spring semester in the Central American country, as part of a new partnership with the University of Panama School of Veterinary Medicine and a Panamanian horse farm, financed by an anyonymous donor.

As part of a semester-long course, the students will observe and participate in activities related to breeding, foaling and the management of breeding stock at Cerro Punta Horse Farm, according to a press release from the college. That will give them "a foundation in collaborating with colleagues whose culture differs from their own, a vital skill in the international equine industry," the release said.

"This program will give the young women who participate an extraordinary opportunity to forge connections, absorb a new culture and gain experience that will set them apart as leaders in their chosen fields," Dr. John P. Marsden, president of the college, said in the release.

"The partnership was forged by Rosa Ponce-Sanabria, director of multicultural and international affairs at Midway, and the curriculum was developed by Midway's equine faculty under the leadership of Dr. Laura Armesto, the provost and vice president for academic affairs," the release said.

Midway's students will help care for horses, observe the veterinarian during routine evaluations, assist with routine neonatal examinations, and participate in routine post-partum care for mares," the release said. "Following their return to Midway, they will participate in discussions and lectures that will require them to apply their knowledge of equine breeding operations in Central Kentucky and Panama.

"In addition to intensive study of Panama's equine industry, students will be immersed in the language, history, culture and economy of the country and will reflect on these experiences with their campus community upon their return. This initiative correlates with the college's new strategic plan and puts important components together to address the specific goals of expanding study-away opportunities, establishing partnerships with international universities and colleges, and to further internationalize the campus community."

Midway College recently welcomed a group of Panamanian students in a college-readiness program.

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