Sunday, July 13, 2014

EDA is taking option on agricultural tract to expand Midway Station, will seek rezoning to industrial

Prospects for industrial development at Midway Station rose again Wednesday, as the Woodford County Economic Development Authority voted to take an option on 37 acres adjoining Georgetown Road and the west side of the Station area recently rezoned industrial.

The property is the white area outlined in purple below on the plat of Midway Station. The other area outlined in purple has already been rezoned industrial. The solid purple area has been industrial since Midway Station was created more than 20 years ago.
EDA will ask the county Planning and Zoning Commission to rezone the agricultural property as industrial, creating a larger block of property to industrial buyers, said Sonny Jones, a member of the EDA board.

"With the recent up-tick in advanced manufacturing in Central Kentucky, we feel like having 80 acres available will be a significant benefit in both, attracting multiple businesses and to the taxpayers," Jones said in an email. He provided an aerial photograph of the property, outlined in gray:
EDA Chairman John Soper said in a press release, "This is a preliminary investigation wherein EDA plans to perform geotechnical, environmental and archeological studies to determine development suitability. From a planning standpoint, EDA has determined this site is well-matched with current and planned development at Midway Station. The site is also appropriate future land use as adopted in the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Comprehensive Plan. If suitable for development, Woodford EDA will ensure development is completed in a manner that compliments surrounding multiple land uses and existing infrastructure."

Soper thanked the property owners, Dr. Jim and Marilyn Roach and Julia and John Roach, "for allowing us the opportunity to market this land for the benefit of Midway and Woodford County. Per Dr. Roach’s request the land will have a restriction prohibiting the sale, manufacture or storage of any tobacco product and alcoholic beverage for human consumption." (Read more)

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