Thursday, June 5, 2014

First printed edition of Messenger responds to reader requests, has articles of continuing importance

The Midway Messenger has been publishing online since January 2008. Now it has its first print edition, 500 copies of which are being distributed to several locations in Midway. However, online is always faster; for a printable PDF of the 16-page publication, click here.

A print edition was suggested by several Midwegians who were interviewed this spring by Rachel Aretakis, a student in the community journalism class that produces stories for the Messenger. Her assignment was to write an article about the Messenger project from the viewpoint of people in Midway. A PDF of her article can be downloaded here.

The print edition contains articles that are not time-sensitive and are of continuing importance. Our plan is to publish a print edition once a semester, in the spring and fall, depending on financial suppport. Thanks to the sponsors who made the first edition possible; they are listed on its back page.

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Midwegian said...

Delighted to see The Midway Messenger making more of a presence! Our local coverage in the WSun by Bozarth and McDaniel neglect a lot what's going on. Thanks for supporting rural journalism.
Lucy Clare