Monday, March 3, 2014

Boutique is named 'Best Place to Shop in Midway' in Woodford County Community Business Awards

Photo by Dylan Russell
By Dylan Russell
University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Telecommunications

Midway Boutique was the local winner as the 2014 Woodford County Community Business Awards were handed out at Midway College Tuesday evening, Feb. 25.

Midway Boutique was named best place to shop in Midway, in an online "best of" survey of 277 people by the Woodford County Chamber of Commerce in January and February.

Located at 100 East Main Street, at the corner of the railroad and Winter Street, this quaint little boutique offers upscale clothing and accessory brands geared towards women.

Jeanette Keaton, owner of the store, was very pleased about winning and seeing her hard work pay off. “It’s quite an honor. It’s unexpected,” Keaton said soon after accepting the award from Chamber Chairman Adam Probst in the Duthie Auditorium at the Anne Hart Raymond Center. “It’s uplifting.” (Photo by Erin Grigson)
As you enter Midway Boutique, it’s impossible to ignore the array of colorful clothing that lines the walls like a rainbow. Displays of purses, shoes and other accessories are spread out neatly around the store. Keaton’s experience and professionalism are evident. (Photo by Dylan Russell)

“We’ve been here over eight years,” Keaton said, “but I’ve been in the wholesale retail business for over 30 years.”

Keaton said she strives to have a little bit of something for everyone at Midway Boutique. That’s part of what makes her store special.

“Our store is unique,” she said, “because of all of the different brands and lines for all different ages.” (Photo by Dylan Russell)

Keaton’s award was one of 16 handed out at the event, ranging from best veterinary clinic (Woodford Veterinary Clinic) to best bank (Citizens Commerce).

WinStar Farm receptionist
Diana Elam (Grigson photo)
Other winners with Midway connections included WinStar Farm, best horse farm; and ERA Show Place Realty, best real estate agency. Brenda Rollins of Midway is an ERA agent.

The Woodford Community Service award was won by Woodford Tomorrow and Uniquely Woodford, the community brand that Woodford Tomorrow took the lead in developing.

The award is given to an organization that helps make Woodford County a better place to live, work and visit, said Probst, the county extension agent for agriculture and natural resources.

From left: Ken Kerkhoff, Sandi Bromagen and Joe Graviss accepted
for Woodford Tomorrow and Uniquely Woodford. (Grigson photo)
Woodford Tomorrow is an organization striving to bring the community together and to help preserve Woodford County while developing it economically. It coordinated production of an eight-minute video and a two-hour documentary about the county, as well as worked with Midway College to develop the Uniquely Woodford logo.

Ken Kerkhoff, a Versailles City Council member who spearheaded the Uniquely Woodford project, won the Eureath White Spirit Award.

The 16 awards were:
•             Best Place to Shop in Midway: Midway Boutique
•             Best Place to Shop in Versailles: Pretty in Pink
•             Best Veterinary Clinic: Woodford Veterinary Clinic
•             Best Breakfast: McDonald’s
•             Best Horse Farm: WinStar Farms
•             Best Bank: Citizens Commerce
•             Best Real Estate Agency: ERA Show Place Realty
•             Woodford All-Star Award: Brenda Craig, Sandi Bromagen
•             Leadership All-Star Award: Tommy Haggard
•             Eureath White Spirit Award: Ken Kerkhoff
•             Outstanding Farmer of the Year: Brad Carmickle
•             Woodford County Distinguished Farmer of the Year: Jesse Lane
•             Business Industry of the Year: Ruggles Sign Co.
•             Business of the Year: Life Adventure Center
•             Tourism Achievement Award: Woodford Reserve
•             Community Service Award: Uniquely Woodford, Woodford Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this article about our blossoming community! Keep up the good work!

Richard Wallace said...

My wife loves this store including buying her dress for our wedding there. I bought her a nice shirt for Christmas but in the wrong size. I called to ask about returning it and when Jeanette (owner) found out that we both lived in Winchester she bought the size I needed to Winchester and took the one I was returning. She did not know me from Adam. This is as good as customer service gets. I generally do not do reviews but could not pass as this is as good as it gets. Thank you Jeanette!