Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blighted properties dominate Mon. council agenda; zoning amendment would apply to microbreweries

The Midway City Council will consider ordinances on nuisances and blighted property, and hear about some individual cases of condemned properties, at its regular meeting Monday evening, July 16.

The draft agenda calls for first reading of Ordinances 2012-006, on elimination of blighted and deteriorated properties, and 2012-007, on enforcement of the Nuisance Code and nuisance-notice appeals. The council reviewed drafts of both ordinances last month.

The substantive business of the meeting is scheduled to begin with an appearance by Lewis and Pam Yount, who were issued a compliance order last month on six properties and are to submit a plan of action at the meeting, according to City Council Member Dan Roller, chairman of the council's Property Maintenance Task Force.

This house at 313 Second St. is not among properties under the compliance
order to but is near one that is (at 327 Second) and was among those reviewed
by the Property Maintenance Task Force. (Photo by Morgan Rhodes)
The Younts told the council last month that they plan to tear down three of the houses and/or sell the lots at 218 N. Winter St., 305 Smith St. (next to Second Christian Church) and a burned house at 306 S. Brand St, next to the old Tococo plant, Roller said in a mass email on June 24. "The three other properties condemned were at 113 Martin St., 209 E. Stephens St. and 309 E. Stephens St. They further stated they must arrange financing and other details."

Roller added, "The council also received a condemnation letter dated June 5, 2012, on 327 Second St., owned by Lion Crest LLC. The owner stated by letter the house would be torn down starting by Aug. 1 and completed by Sept. 1, 2012."

The new business on the council agenda for Monday night includes amendments to the "principal uses" sections of five zoning district regulations sections in the Woodford County Zoning Ordinance: 713.2, neighborhood business; 714.2, central business district; 716.2, highway business district; 717.2, highway interchange; and 718.2, light industrial, all in Article VII of the ordinance. These are to conform to an amendment approved by the county planning commission last month, to make specifications for microbreweries. There has been discussion of the possibility of a microbrewery in Millville, and/or in or near Midway.

UPDATE, Sept. 2: Greg Kocher of the Lexington Herald-Leader reports that a brewery is being established in Millville.

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