Tuesday, March 27, 2012

National sports columnist makes mistake of looking for Louisville Cardinal fans in Midway

The dateline on USA Today sports columnist Mike Lopresti's piece was "Somewhere in Kentucky," but he had more from Midway than any other place, after a trip from Lexington to Louisville on Interstate 64 to test local loyalties as Kentucky and Louisville prepare to face off Saturday in the semifinals of NCAA basketball tournament.

Perhaps misled by Midway's name, Lopresti, left, asked Assistant City Clerk Diane Shepard "if this is a Kentucky or Louisville town," and she replied, "You should see the bank" -- United Bank, with "blue on the walls," Lopresti writes. "You don’t know who they’d rather less see come in, a bank robber or a Louisville fan."

At least he mentions the 1937 state high school basketball champions.

At Railroad Drug, Lopresti noted owner Ken Glass wearing UK gear and asked, "Do any Louisville fans dare live in this town?" Kimberly Witt replied, "We have one that we know of." Lopresti concludes his report from Midway with this: "Glass mentions some recent Rick Pitino quotes. 'It’s like he says things that egg it on. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of us that all fall into it.'" (Read more)

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