Monday, November 29, 2010

Louisville newspaper features David Hume and his automotive specialty, Citroën

Sunday's Courier-Journal had a well-illustrated feature story about David Hume, whose Excelsior Motors on his like-named farm about three miles west of Midway on Old Frankfort Pike specializes in repair, maintenance and restoration of cars made by Citroën, a French firm known for its engineering innovations. (C-J photo by Pat McDonogh)

"On a warm afternoon this fall, a handful of Citroëns sat gleaming in the sun, looking every bit as sleek and mysterious as the thoroughbreds running around neighboring horse farms," reports Jeffrey Lee Puckett, normally the Louisville newspaper's pop-music writer. He writes that the Citroën developed "a reputation for being unreliable and difficult despite winning the 1972 Car of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine. Hume said that one reason the Citroën appeals to him is that it's misunderstood. While the maintenance is comparable to that for a small airplane, he said, the return in your investment is substantial." To read the story and see the pictures, click here.

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