Monday, April 12, 2010

Council seeks zoning amendment for temporary RV campground at Midway Station

The Midway City Council voted at a special meeting this morning to ask the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission to amend the county zoning ordinance to allow a temporary recreational-vehicle campground at Midway Station during the World Equestrian Games in late September and early October. The amendment is still being drafted, but Mayor Tom Bozarth said in calling for the motion that it would "allow RVs in all zones at Midway Station."

The vote was 4-0. Council members Aaron Hamilton and Sandra Cooke were absent. (From left: Bozarth and council members Charlann Wombles, Diana Queen, Sharon Turner and Doris Leigh) The motion also asked that a public hearing be held in Midway on April 29. At a recent council meeting, City Attorney Phil Moloney said the ordinance might need to be amended to allow the campground, which was originally set to be located on Margaux Farm in Scott County, just across South Elkhorn Creek (the county line) from the Midway area. Scott County zoning officials blocked the proposal. The star on the MapQuest image below marks the bridge across the creek to Margaux Farm. Midway Station is the area with streets at the northeast corner of the Interstate 64 interchange. It is a failed industrial park that a prospective developer hopes to turn into a commercial and residential development.

Margaux Farm has sued to overturn the Scott County zoning officials' action or be compensated for loss of the campground, but Bozarth said that there is no chance the campground can still be located there. He said Nashville RV dealer Raymond Brody will hire contractors to dispose of sewage from the RVs and has been in discussions with health officials about permits and procedures.

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