Friday, April 9, 2021

Spotz Gelato is open at 130 E. Main St. in Midway

Spotz Gelato (Photos by Lauren McCally)
By Lauren McCally

University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Media

A new place for satisfying that sweet tooth has opened in Midway.

Spotz Gelato is located at 130 E. Main St., joining locations in Versailles, Georgetown and Shelbyville.

Beth Richardson, the owner of Spotz Gelato, lives about five miles from Midway on a Scott County farm where she and her husband, Phillip, make the product in a commercial kitchen.

“We love Midway because it’s really close to where our farm is,” she said, adding that they pass right through the city every time they go to the other locations. “I just love the town, it’s got a great vibe.”

Gelato differs from American ice cream in that it has less milkfat, is served warmer, and is thicker and denser because less air is churned into the mix during freezing.

Beth Richardson
Richardson said the idea for Spotz came about eight years ago, when she and her husband bought a food truck. “My husband wanted to redo a vintage trailer and I wanted to do some sort of food truck out of it, so we came to a compromise,” she said.

They found a vintage trailer that needed to be redone and Richardson said she convinced her husband to paint it pink and put spots all over it. That’s where the name Spotz came from.

“We still have eight mobile units,” she said. “They’re all pink and covered in spots and that same design carries to our store.”

Spotz workers took orders and served gelato.
Richardson said they were able to do some construction in the Midway location and “put back some of the historical charm” into the building. “We love historic buildings and we love when we can put back some of that old charm” she said.

Tuesday night, the store had what Richardson called a preview night for members of the news media, bloggers, neighboring stores, and local politicians, which she said went really well.

On Thursday nights the week a store is opening, Richardson said they usually choose a local charity to partner with for a “soft opening,” with all of the proceeds going to the charity. For the Midway shop, the chosen charity was the Woodford Humane Society. In an email, Richardson said that the event “went great” and they were “able to raise a large amount” for the humane society.

The actual grand opening is today from 3 to 9 p.m. After that, the shop will be open Tuesday through Friday from 3 to 9 and Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 9 and will be closed on Mondays. Once summer comes, the hours will expand from noon to 9, Tuesday through Sunday.

Richardson said her favorite part of the opening was being able to welcome people into the store and allow them to see how the space is transformed. “All of our shops are very similar, but each one has its own character,” she said. “So, it’s always kind of fun to do your debut to everybody because nobody has seen it till then.”

Interior of the store, looking toward the front
The Midway store’s launch had a few new additions to the Spotz menu, including dipped and rolled cones. Richardson said that those menu items will eventually be “launching in all stores, but Midway was the first to have them.”

The Midway menu also featured vegan gelato, another new menu item. “Our strawberry flavor was what we had on hand,” Richardson said. “It’s always great when you make up new flavors and then people actually get to try them. That’s one of the best parts about what we do.”

She said that everyone seemed to be really happy with their choices and that the vegan option went over well. “We dipped a zillion cones,” she said, “so the dipped and rolled cones were a big hit too.”

Richardson said the most popular flavors for the night were cookies and cream, peanut butter and banana pudding, which she says is based on her mother’s recipe.

Richardson said she and her husband make everything themselves, and most of the recipes are hers. “I may think it tastes great,” she said, “but if I see somebody else taste it and enjoy it, that’s the best part about what I do.”

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