Thursday, October 22, 2020

City asks residents to put leaf piles in right of way near street, but suggests leaf removal really isn't needed

Mayor Grayson Vandegrift delivered two public-works updates this afternoon, on leaf collection and the water-line project on Martin Street.

He said leaf collection is starting, and the city is asking citizens to put leaf piles, not bags, in the right of way near the road or street. "Despite popular myths, leaves rarely smother grass, and in fact provide nutrients that we often find ourselves repurchasing each spring," he said. "However, we are more than happy to continue providing this service to any who wish to have their leaf piles removed." He said more information is at https://www.treehugger.com/skip-rake-and-leave-leaves-healthier-greener-yard-4858786.

Vandegrift said the Martin Street water line is in service and the boil-water advisory has been lifted for the residents on and near the street.

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