Monday, April 23, 2018

A look at the improved section of Walter Bradley Park

Park Manager John Holloway took a group of Midway residents on a tour of the wooded section of Walter Bradley Park Saturday morning, revealing some of the park's hidden assets and some of the improvements that Holloway, other volunteers and city workers have made to the park.
Holloway gestures to the trail going to Lee Branch. The dog park fence and entrance were recently improved.
Walkers look at the short rock wall on the town side of the creek, built during an upgrade of the park about 15 years ago.
Holloway points out a feature. He is a University of Kentucky theatre professor and staging specialist.
Walkers cross a curved, nearly completed bridge over an area near the creek that is often wet and swampy.
Looking from the opposite direction of the above photo, the new bridge and the sharp bend in Lee Branch can be seen.
The bridge across Lee Branch connects downtown, to the left, with the library, the school and Northridge Estates.
The downstream, downtown side of the bridge recently got a new bench for sitting and watching the creek flow by.
Rustic signs mark several new trails and other features, and official signs give park hours (dawn to dusk) and prohibit loitering, alcohol, littering, collecting and scavenging, with the message: "Leave only footprints; take only memories."

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