Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mayor recaps 2016, month by month, mostly in rhyme

By Grayson Vandegrift
Mayor, City of Midway

Every December, while we’re winding down another year, we tend to reflect on our most recent trip around the sun as we decompress and re-energize for a new one. In that same vein, I thought I’d do a month-by-month rundown of what happened in the City of Midway this past year, with help from the archives of the Midway Messenger and old copies of The Woodford Sun. So here it is, “The Year in Midway” in 150 words or less:

January: Midway Renaissance re-ups, MLK service unites us.
February: Chocolate Stroll downtown, American Howa breaks ground.
March: Midway’s “Calendar Girls” wows, Mezzo waters mouths.
April: Volunteers plant 200 trees, Brown-Forman to house whiskey.
May: Francisco’s Farm a success, Midway U. goes co-ed.
June: For the Penns a celebration, Midsummer Nights, no TIF after all at Midway Station.
July: State closes Weisenberger span, council ok’s the sidewalk plan.
August: Lakeshore Learning bringing 300 jobs; new trails at the park for all to walk.
September: FallFestival holds its 42nd, university enrollment in the right direction.
October: Leaves don’t yet fall due to strangely warm weather, a new footbridge ties the city together.
November: Parks Board meets for the first time, Santa arrives on the railroad line.
December: Midway Merchants hold a planning meeting, awards are given for lights in the city.

Seems to me like a pretty good year, so season’s greetings and a happy new year!

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