Tuesday, April 14, 2015

College announces new MBA specialties, other degrees

Midway College announced new graduate and undergraduate programs that will be offered beginning this summer.

 “The new programs are specializations within the existing Master of Business Administration in equine studies, health care administration and sport management,” the college said in a press release. A master of education program will also start this summer.

"Midway has offered an undergraduate Equine Studies degree for many years,” Dr. Charles Williams, dean of the School of Business, Equine and Sport Studies, said in the release. “We believe that the specialization of equine studies within our MBA program will be attractive to and beneficial for Kentucky's equine industry.”

Williams added, "Additionally the health care administration concentration within the MBA provides an important industry segment in our region."

The new undergraduate program is a bachelor’s degree in psychology with an area of concentration in alcohol and drug abuse counseling. “This concentration will add specific courses in substance abuse and counseling for graduates to obtain licensing as an alcohol and drug counselor in the commonwealth of Kentucky,” Ellen Gregory, the college's vice president of marketing and communications, said in the release. The psychology program will be offered on weekends in Hamburg at the college’s Lexington location, to better accommodate working students. 

The college said it is working on other areas of concentration for its MBA program, looking at degrees in health care. “These new programs will supplement other majors that were recently added including marketing communication and criminal justice,” the release said.

The College’s three-year strategic plan includes development of new programs. "Each time we add a new degree offering we look at what the regional needs are for employers and try to match those needs with degrees that lead to careers,” said Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Laura Armesto. --Megan Ingros

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