Monday, November 1, 2010

Midway College completes expansion in Lexington

Midway College announced today that it has completed the expansion of its Lexington campus, located in the Hamburg area on the east side of the city. The college expanded to the entire third floor of the building and more than doubled its floor space, to just under 10,000 square feet. The expansion has added additional classrooms, a computer lab, a library, a conference and seminar room, and other workspace for faculty and staff. "Just as the expansion was nearing completion, the college received word from its accrediting body that it can now offer one of its most popular programs at the Lexington campus, its teacher-education degree program," the college said in a release.

The college says more than 400 students have been served at its coeducational Lexington campus since it opened in February 2008. The campus provides programs for the college's School for Career Development, which offers accelerated degrees and degree-completion programs in the evenings, with some weekend courses.

The college has set a goal of increasing its enrollment to 2,000 by the end of the 2010-11 academic year and 4,000 by 2015. It recently reported that its enrollment of 1,622 is 20 percent higher than last fall's figure of 1,349. Most of the increase came in online enrollment, which more than doubled, going from 205 to 413. The MBA program went from 56 to 75, while evening and weekend programs rose from 625 to 677. Women's College enrollment declined to 433 from 445.

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